Royal Rania Bagheyah Sidr Honey


Presenting the Royal Rania Premium Bagheyah Sidr honey..... 


The cream of Sidr as it is also known has a wonderful aroma and it has a distinct flavour. Not cloyingly sweet, this honey is the ultimate medicine providing anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, anti-bacterial and analgesic properties. This is the most famous honey to come out of Yemen but its hard to acquire. Only limited stocks available. 

Beekeepers harvest this rare Sidr honey from the wild mountains of Duan whose fame of producing Sidr trees has been known thru the ages. While it has an exquisite texture and a uniqueness in viscosity, this is a hard to come by variant. The bees gather the nectar from the Sidr tree flowers. The honey exudes a floral tone and the texture is buttery smooth. We do import it occasionally depending on availability. This honey has a rich and lavish consistency.

Harvested only during a 40 day window during the winter months in Hadramaut, this honey is renowned for its medicinal properties. Mentioned in ancient texts, the bees get their pollen from the flower of this tree. It is known for its anti-bacterial, pyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties which confuses the palate as no medicine tastes as delightful as this honey.


NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Bagheyah Flowers only from Wadi Duan.

CONSISTENCY: Rich and viscous.   

COLOUR: Golden Amber.

TASTE: Buttery, floral and smooth texture.

PROPERTIES: Ultimate in medicinal properties. Very high active ingredient levels. 

SIZE: 250g 


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Good for cough

The seller was very prompt and was able to send my item on the same day. Helped to clear my kids cough within a week. Highly recommend

Wonderful taste

I purchased this when i saw the Royal Rania counter at Arab St's little flea, we spoke to the couple owners and they were very detailed in explanation and infomation sharing. The taste is wonderful and very natural. Have read about this honey before and am so glad i tried it out Asfa
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