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Royal Rania Sidr Honey

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Sidr honey comes from Ziziphus Jujube as it is also known has a wonderful aroma and it has a distinct flavour. With a citrus palate and slightly sweeter than the Bagheyah Sidr, this honey also has anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, anti-bacterial and analgesic properties.

Our beekeepers harvest this Sidr honey from the wild mountains of Wadi Ali.  While it has an exquisite texture and a uniqueness in viscosity, the honey also exudes a floral tone and the texture is buttery smooth. This honey has a rich and lavish consistency.

Harvested only during the winter months in Hadramaut, this honey is renowned for its medicinal properties. 

Our honey is renowned for its medicinal properties, and stems back from the days of yore as mentioned in ancient religious texts as the bees gather the nectar to produce the honey from the wild Sidr tree (Jujube, Christ’s thorn) as well as from the Ancient Sumar trees.

The quality of our honey is guaranteed and covered with a generous refund policy.  We believe in repeat business and if at anytime , your honey is not to your expectation, do not hestitate to call +6592478030