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Royal Rania Organic Sidr Honey from Yemen is a Singapore company owned by 4th generation Singaporean of Yemeni descent. We own the farm in Yemen where we our organic Marais honey comes from with the exception of the Bagheyah Sidr which comes from Wadi Duan. This means we can personally guarantee the quality of our Sidr Honey as it is tied to the heritage of our forefathers. Our Sumar and Sidr may either come from Wadi Duan or Wadi Ali regions.

Local beekeepers are fiercely protective over this cottage industry but with our local connections, we are able to get even the rarest Duani Bagheyah Sidr honey when in season.

Our honey is renowned for its medicinal properties, and stems back from the days of yore as mentioned in ancient religious texts as the bees gather the nectar to produce the honey from the wild Sidr tree (Jujube, Christ’s thorn) as well as from the Ancient Sumar trees.

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone or for your own family, this high grade honey is the preferred gift for all occasions.

The Royal Rania organic range of honey products aims to separates itself from the regular mass-produced “commercial” brands in the market. 

We offer an authentic, thick, viscous quality grade that is unadulterated in content. They are unfiltered and contain no additives, preservatives, artificial or synthetic ingredients.

Customers know that when they purchase the Royal Rania brand, they are receiving quality from a reliable, trustworthy and ethical establishment committed to offering truly pure raw Yemen honey.

The attributes that influence our prices include its unique nectar source derived from a cottage environment, reliability of bee keeping practices and honey handling as well as medicinal grade.

The quality of our honey is guaranteed and covered with a generous refund policy.  We believe in repeat business and if at anytime , your honey is not to your expectation, do not hestitate to call +6592478030