Royal Rania Sumar Organic Honey

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Our best seller, the Sumar honey comes from the flowers of the desert acacia which originates in Grayo Hadramaut direct from the valleys of our pastures. This is the same tree that produces gum Arabic (Sumagh)  which is famous for its blood pressure and hypertension lowering properties. 

With a thick viscosity, this beautiful golden and heavy tasting honey with a slight caramel sweetness has many therapeutic benefits. Its anti-bacterial properties help to strengthen your immune system.

Within the Sumar variety, there are various grades but we only bring you the highest quality.As well as pleasing the palates, it is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which protect the body from bacteria and boost the immune system.


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top quality honey

Once you tried sumar, you won't want to change to other honey. Muhammad Aizuddin Ismail
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