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Royal Rania Yemen Sidr honey for Health!

As a Weight Loss Treatment

It may seem strange that something so sweet could help with weight loss but many have found that mixing a teaspoon of Royal Rania Yemen honey in a glass of lemon water and drinking it first thing in the morning before you consume any food can help with your weight loss regimen. It is true that honey is a type of sugar but because of its unique properties it is not digested in the same way as other sugars.

Honey contains many vital nutrients like protein, fiber, and vitamins (something not found in any other type of sugar) as well as minerals like iron, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, and calcium. Anyone who is struggling with weight loss will benefit from using honey as it will not only lower their risk of cardiovascular disease but it won’t add to your body weight either.

It Helps With Arthritis

By taking a teaspoon full of Royal Rania Yemen honey and cinnamon mixed in a cup of hot water it can help to relive the painful symptoms of arthritis. This treatment, promoted by Ayurvedic medicine can be applied topically to areas that are painfull and massaged into the skin.

For Treatment of Cold Sores

You can also mix your Royal Rania Yemen Sumar honey with a spoonful of turmeric to treat cold sores. By mixing it with a cup of warm milk, you can see these painful eruptions begin to fade away. This treatment is also very effective in treating internal ulcers.

There are countless benefits of regularly having Yemeni Sumar honey as a staple in your home. Whether you simply enjoy the delicate sweetness or you’re looking for some old-fashioned tried and true remedies that have been around for thousands of years, you’ll find many other reasons to keep a good supply of it in your home.