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Royal Rania Honey articles

Is Royal Rania Sidr and Sumar honey suitable for diabetics?

This is a common question that many have asked. Please clarify with your gp on the points below if in doubt. I have summed up a medical journal article on the use of Sidr honey as a sugar substitute in the article below (Bahrami M1, 2009).There are 2 types of diabetes.Type 1:insulin does not get produced by the body at [...]

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Royal Rania Sidr and Sumar Honey in Folk medicine

There comes forth from their bellies, a drink of varying colour wherein is healing for men. Verily, in this is indeed a sign for people who think. The Bee [16:69]Honey is an Elixir from the Heavens. Today we bring some more benefits of honey the way it was used in ancient folk medicine. Phlegm- 1 tablespoon of raw [...]

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5 ways Royal Rania Sidr and Sumar honey can heal

Previously we posted about the benefits of honey. Now we get down to the specifics and share prescriptions from the various sources below.Honey has always been incorporated into many prescriptions. Western medicine look to Ibn Sina (Avicenna) in his book The Cannons of Medicine. He has written dozens of prescription involving honey from the middle [...]

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The unique Royal Rania Sumar and Marais Honey, its origins and benefits.

Hadrami people of Yemen have been present in South East Asia since the 14th century to trade and settle down. In Singapore alone, it was counted during the last census that there was close to 10000 citizens of Hadrami descent. An especially essential part of any Arab kitchen or diet is the Yemeni honey! Today, [...]

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